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Kopi Luwak


FOR 125g

Elite and rare variety of Indonesian coffee, considered to be the most balanced coffee, has natural caramel notes in taste.

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All the coffee is fully inspected and certified by the Coffee Industry Board

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Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak delicious coffee for real adventurers of taste.

“Copy Luvak” from the “Cantata” assortment was made on the island of Sulawesi in a classical way for this variety. Animals lovers gladly absorb coffee berries but do not digest the coffee beans themselves and they go out as planned by nature. Luvak cannot eat over a day more than one kilogram of coffee berries, which at the output gives only about 50 g of desired grains. To repeat such a process under artificial conditions has not yet been possible.

A special taste of this coffee is given by the enzyme cibetin, which is contained in the gastric juice of Luwak.

He transforms just high-quality coffee beans into something that is unheard of. As a result of the transformation of coffee to taste like almond nougat, halva in chocolate glaze, honeycomb and the sweetest pastries of childhood. Cream aftertaste from just one cup of coffee “Kopi Luwak” can hold for an hour, all bringing you back to the past coffee delicacy.