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Date coffee

 “Coffee for a date” is the sweetness of romance in every throat!

The most romantic combination of flavors is combined in one drink. The tenderness of the enveloping cream, the sweetness of the sticky caramel and the passion of the burning coffee – all this creates a seductive sketch of flavor and taste. Drink an average of the fortress will please both ladies and gentlemen.

Like a love potion, “Coffee for a Date” will charm everyone with one sip. With a cup of aromatic coffee with a caramel-creamy taste, a friendly conversation will be filled with a special atmosphere of warmth and tenderness. Prepare coffee in the early morning, complement with a croissant or other favorite dessert and please your soul mate with such a romantic breakfast. Let it become a wonderful tradition, as well as a tacit but very fragrant and delicious acknowledgment of the sincerity of your feelings.


Briki( polish brewing), Espresso (mokka pot), Filter coffee, French press, Pure beans