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Java Mocha


FOR 50g


100% Arabica from Yemen and Java. Rich and spicy with notes of berries and chocolate.

Roasting degree


If you use honey instead of sugar, it is added to the cup after the coffee is cooked.


– Heat the coffeepot(briki). To the bottom of the briki pour in ground coffee, add pepper and sugar. Stir and warm the mixture.

– Remove from heat, cool and pour into a cup.

Add water, salt and cook over low heat until foam forms.

All the coffee is fully inspected and certified by the Coffee Industry Board


Java Mocha

Java Mocha” is a famous blend of Yemeni brand “Mokka” and Javanese Arabica.

The world’s first coffee blend.

One-third of the Yemeni coffee and two-thirds of the coffee from the Indonesian island create a very strong and rich, slightly spicy original flavour with tobacco bitter taste and chocolate aftertaste.

With coffee “Java Mocha” perfectly combines all kinds of spices. For example, you can make this coffee with pepper. This will require:

– 12 g coffee, ground for cooking in a coffeepot(briki);

– 250 ml of water;

– 3 large crystals of salt;

– a pinch of black ground pepper or chili pepper;

– Brown sugar or honey to taste.