The Tea Diet Why You Should Consider It

The Tea Diet: Why You Should Consider It

Are you just like me – obsessed with weight loss? Diet tea seems to be the best option, especially when you look at its benefits. Some people think that going to the gym and doing plenty of exercises and muscle-flexing would do the trick. Some think that food intake strictly controls the increase of body weight.

Taking diet or slimming tea would definitely help you in your quest for a slimmer you. It would make you feel healthier too. The effect of these teas lies in regular bowel movement. Herbal diet teas are natural laxatives and therefore very effective in regular detoxification – eliminating harmful toxins from your body. If you want to lose an easy 5 to 10 pounds, then diet tea may be the key.

But as with all supplement connected to weight loss, you shouldn’t solely rely on teas for your weight loss needs. Any kind of tea taken to the extremes will have a bad effect on your body. Most teas are considered helpful for the digestive system. But an excessive intake of it may lead to bowel disorders, specifically diarrhea. In extremely rare (but possible) cases, too much of tea intake can lead to loose bowel movement, dehydration and eventual death in that succession.

And yes my friends, as much as I’d want to lambaste the great-looking, fat-free models and unfortunately for us greasy-food-loving humans, a gorgeous and healthy body can only be had not by starvation but by eating natural and organic foods. Admittedly, our mothers were right – fruits and green leafy vegetables help in maintaining a healthy body. Even if you have the best of the freshest oolong or green tea, if you have chips and fast-food burgers as your everyday diet, then taking them would be completely useless. The teas incorporated in the diet are the perfect supplement to the vitamins and nutrients found in organic food.

And when I say “supplement”, it should be just that. Some people (a minute few, I’d like to believe) have the notion that tea, specifically those that consider itself diet tea, can be taken without any food intake for days at a time. Tea should only be helpful aids to your digestive system – and your digestive system would need something to digest. If take tea and tea alone, then you may want to book an appointment with your doctor as you are obviously confirming a death wish. Remember, tea should only be taken as a supplement and should never be considered as a whole replacement for real, solid, digestible and life-giving food.

In reality, you don’t really need diet medication. Herbal teas are taken from natural plants and herbs and are much safer to take than diet pills. The teas control your hunger pangs, and burn fat naturally by producing thermogenic heat. Simply put, this not only burns fat, but converts your extra calories into energy instead of fat. Herbal teas are also known to manage and stabilize blood sugar levels, and as said earlier, a natural laxative.

And because it is a laxative, proper adjustments must be made. Diet teas should be taken in careful moderation for your body not to become so used to it as it may eventually become bad for your intestines due to too much bowel movement. Drink for a couple of days and stop for at least 2 days to give your body time to rest and adjust.

As long as you eat properly, and put in a couple of hours of body workout too, teas can work very well with you and for you.

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