The Good And The Bad Of Green Tea Latte

The Good And The Bad Of Green Tea Latte

Green tea has been proven without doubt to be an effective instrument in the fight against excessive weight. Evidence clearly shows that the beverage has additional benefits to give its users, such as properties that eliminate free radicals and boost energy levels.

Proof of its affectivity is based on solid facts. Another thing that’s true about this drink is regarding its taste – everybody knows that not all people have strong and positive feelings for the way it tastes. For that reason, some individuals prefer adding ingredients to heighten the flavor, turning it into something that’s actually delicious. An example of this would be green tea latte.

So what are the good and bad things about this concoction? To kick things off, let’s take a closer look at one of its components: milk. This ingredient in particular obviously proves to be beneficial for overall wellness. It contains vitamin D, calcium and even protein. There’s a little fat included, but the amounts are hardly something you should be worrying about.

Another constituent of green tea latte is the sweetener, which in some cases, is sugar. I probably shouldn’t have to go into the specifics as to why sugar isn’t good for you, but I’ll just give you one valid reason to serve as a reminder as to why you mustn’t ingest too much of it: diabetes. It’s general knowledge that ingesting an excessive amount of sugar leads to higher blood sugar levels, which can potentially lead to diabetes.

Going back to the plus side of the discussion, a green tea latte still contains a large portion of green tea, obviously. It’s still the biggest part of the mixture, and definitely comes packed with a truckload of bonuses for its users. Anything rich in antioxidants helps in the defense and elimination of free radicals, according to research. By preventing the buildup of free radicals, you also prevent the possibility of a number of harmful diseases.

Additionally, the green tea latte tastes a whole lot better than its counterpart in pure form. That’s why you see the beverage being sold in coffee shops and tea houses everywhere. It tastes great and yet has some health benefits to offer.

On the other hand, regular green tea is still considered to be the better of the two, basically because you get more of the good stuff. The latte version only is usually 50% milk and sugar, so you’re only getting half of the more “important” nutritional value.

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