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White Chocolate

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White chocolate

 Coffee “White chocolate” – awakening in the Belgian traditions!

 A cup of a fragrant drink will remind you of your favorite dessert. Soft delicate coffee bitterness is nobly combined with creamy notes of white chocolate.

 Chocolate and coffee are two natural antidepressants that complement each other. Already at the expense of one only aroma they cause positive emotions, beneficially influencing the nervous system. Probably, this combination is not in vain popular in Belgium – a country where coffee and chocolate is an inseparable duet.

 In Belgium, there are many coffee and chocolate recipes that can be easily prepared at home. For one of the methods of preparation, coffee “White Chocolate” is perfect. The necessary amount of crushed grains and the same amount of hot chocolate must be added to the turkey and boiled without boiling. Ready to pour the drink on the cups. In the winter season, a hot drink can be supplemented with various spices to create a greater warming effect.