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Strawberry Cream black

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A blend of Ceylon, Indian and Chinese black teas with
strawberry bits.

Classic blend that perfectly stimulates the immune system

Steeping tips

For one portion use 1 teaspoon. Cover with water 90-95
degrees, wait for 3-5 min.



Strawberry Cream black

Black large leaf tea with the addition of dried berries and strawberry leaves. A delicate strawberry flavor is melodically combined with a rich and tart black tea. In the taste of the drink, light creamy tones are felt that resemble strawberry mousse and are replaced by the nut-berry aftertaste.

A delicate palatable palette of the drink can be obtained only by correctly preparing the tea. First, heat the teapot. Then pour dry brew into it at the rate of 4-6 grams of tea (1 teaspoon without a slide) for 200 ml of water, pour 85-90 C with hot water and wait 2-3 minutes for the drink to boil.

Shade a creamy note of tea can be, adding a little milk to the cup. The airy light aroma of tea “Strawberry Cream” is perfectly combined with all kinds of desserts.

A fragrant drink will create a cozy atmosphere and is well suited for evening tea drinking.