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St. Helena

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One of the most exclusive coffees in the world. Intense aroma of spices, cumin, rye bread and herbs, thick foam and wild berry sourness in the finish.

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St. Helena

Saint Elena

Coffee from the cleanest place on the planet.

St. Helena is located near the Tropic of Capricorn in the Atlantic Ocean at a distance of 2720 km from the nearest mainland. Total isolation protected this variety for 250 years from mixing with others, thus providing it with a unique uniqueness.

The first rise in the popularity of the variety “Saint Elena” occurred during the Napoleonic exile. Due to the fact that the ex-emperor spoke very flatteringly about coffee growing on the island, this variety gained a lot of admirers in Paris.

Then, in connection with political events, this coffee temporarily loses its popularity in Europe, but since March 2011 the coffee “Saint Elena” again becomes known to all connoisseurs of coffee, fascinating them with its distinctive quality and uniqueness.

The taste of coffee from St. Helena is saturated with amazing combinations of fruits, chocolate, walnuts and spices. Its fragrance is the fragrance of flowering almond trees growing in a small French pastry shop.