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Santos Bourbon light roast

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A blend of Arabica beans from Costa-Rica, Guatemala, and Brazilia. Mild taste and light nutty notes for an aftertaste.

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All the coffee is fully inspected and certified by the Coffee Industry Board




“Santos Bourbon” is a classic Brazilian arabica of light roast.

Features of the climate and unique conditions of the plateau allow you to harvest coffee several times a year, while carefully monitoring its quality.

The collection of coffee berries is carried out by means of special harvesters, after which the harvest is sent for drying under open air for four weeks. During this time, some carbohydrates from the flesh of the berry pass into the coffee bean, thus informing him of mild sweetness.

Coffee “Santos Bourbon” is characterized by a soft velvety taste with notes of milk chocolate, fresh fruits and light hints of hazelnut and jasmine in the aftertaste.

Light roasting emphasizes the taste and aroma of coffee delicate fruit and floral shades. Coffee of light roast is best to drink in pure form, without adding milk or cream to it.

Composition : 100% Arabica



Briki( polish brewing), Espresso (mokka pot), Filter coffee, French press, Pure beans