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Roasted Sesame

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Oolong tea, brittle bits (sugar, hazelnuts), flavouring, coconut chips (coconut, sugar), coconut rasps, roasted rice, sesame, safflower blossoms.

Steeping tips

For one portion use one teaspoon. Cover with water 75-80 degrees, wait for 3 min


Open the lid of your kettle after boiling and let cool for 8-10 minutes: your water is now 80 ° C.

Do not boil water with your white tea or you produce antioxidants!

Set your timer for 3 minutes for the best taste. Letting your tea in the hot water longer it will make your tea bitter.

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Roasted Sesame

Roasted Sesame

The already slightly nutty taste of Oolong in combination with roasted sesame seeds creates a treat that you will never forget. A tea that not only pampers classic tea drinkers, but also captivates almost everyone.