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Pu Erh mini Tuocha

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FOR 50g


Compressed Pu Erh.

Tea nests – a Chinese rarity. The dried Pu Erh leaves are
steamed slightly and then pressed into the desired form. Has
strong flavor and pungent taste. 1 Tuocha is suitable for 300-

Steeping tips

For one portion use 1/2 of the nest. Cover with water 100
degrees, wait for 5-7 min. Also, You can boil this tea for 7 min.



Pu Erh mini Tuocha

“Puer mini tuo cha” is a three-year-old Chinese black tea made in the province of Yunnan using the technology of accelerated fermentation.

The saturated black and black color of the infusion and characteristic bright aroma distinguish young pursues against the background of other varieties of tea.

“Puer mini tuo cha” is brewed with hot water 95-98 C. Depending on the preference, the infusion time can vary from 1-2 minutes to 10-15 minutes. The longer this tea is brewed, the denser and more saturated its taste becomes.

Pressed into small “tablets” Puer is convenient to take with them on the road, work or dacha. This Puer, due to its bright, invigorating effect, will be an excellent alternative to coffee.