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Oolong Gin Shuen

FOR 50g


Top quality Taiwanese oolong.

A rare premium Formosa oolong tea. Grown traditionally on
the highest peaks of Taiwanese mountains. The bright green
leaves of Oolong Gin Shuen produce a rich, full-flavored cup
with a subtle milky touch.

Steeping tips

For one portion use 1 teaspoon. Cover with water 90-95
degrees, wait for 3-5 min. This tea can be brewed for at least 7


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Oolong Gin Shuen

Oolong Gin Shuen

A gentle and light aroma of whipped cream and milk cream exudes every cup of tea.

Sweetness in taste resembles notes of caramel and juicy aromas of a berry meadow

Gin Shuen is equally suitable for the morning and for the evening tea drinking: he will help wake up and reassure after a busy day.