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Mocha de Luxe

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Mocha de Luxe

Mocha de Luxe

Start the day with your favourite taste from childhood!

The blend of Yemeni and Ethiopian Arabica has a gentle natural note of cocoa, which is delicately embellished with shades of milk chocolate. The magic alliance recreates the oldest poetry of the taste of the East. This variety consists of 50% Vietnamese Robusta, which gives the traditional fortress an invigorating drink.

This variety, thanks to a special combination of strength and gentle soft taste, has become quite popular among coffee gourmets.

“Mocha De Luxe” is perfect for cooking moccasins. To do this, you need to weld strong coffee and decorate it with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Such a recipe for making a drink is the simplest, but its taste is not inferior to the taste of other drinks.


Briki( polish brewing), Espresso (mokka pot), Filter coffee, French press, Pure beans