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Matcha Shizuoka


For 30g per piece


An organic Matcha produced from Tencha leaves in the Japanese prefecture Shizuoka. Complex taste, combining the typical Umami flavour with a certain sweetness and a slight brisk note. Highly recommended for pure traditional enjoyment and condiment for baking or cooking. Let your imagination run wild!

Organic Japanese Matcha, Shizuoka prefecture.

Steeping tips

For 100ml use, 1 spoon (chashaku), steep with 70°C water, wait 2 min.

Matcha Shizuoka

Matcha Tea

Green powder of tea that is prepared in Japan. This natural and organic green tea is a part of Japanese beverages for over 900 years and now, it is used is evolving around the world. It is well known for the health effects which are desired by every person in this modern and fast life. Let us tell you about this tea in detail.

Talking a little about its history, the use of Matcha was originated in China in the 9th century. But, then it was used as a drug rather than as a tea. After that, it was the twentieth century when the Japanese Zen Buddhist monks realized it is potential. And after that, an increase was seen in the production of this tea. Matcha green tea is prepared from the leaves which are known as Tencha.Before few weeks of reaching the level of full growth, the tea leaves are sheltered to avoid the direct exposure to the sun. It is done to slow down the growth of the tea plants, which further results in providing a darker shade to the leaves.




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