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Marago Colombia

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Naturally low in caffeine, mild and well-balanced cup, bright taste, intense aroma.

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Marago Colombia

Grows at an altitude of about 1700 m on the Giant plantation in the Uyla department.

Variety of coffee Marago is very easy to learn by its appearance: the grains of “Marago” are on the average 3.5 times larger in size than classical arabica. This feature has an effect on the content of caffeine – it is naturally inherent that in a simple arabica grains 0.6-1.2% caffeine.

It turns out that the percentage of caffeine in the “Marago” laid on the classical volume of grain extends to a greater volume of grain.

Therefore, the is characterized by a naturally low-content caffeine, and they can be recommended to those who do not drink strong varieties of coffee.

The insinuating peanut flavour of the Marago Colombia grains is full of gentle harmony.In the soft thick taste of the coffee “Marago Colombia” slowly discovers the shades of ripe black currant, sweet rice pudding and plum jam. Aftertaste leaves a trail of tart apple notes, clear and refreshing.

Try adding half of the chocolate egg “Siberia” to the cup of hot coffee “Marago Colombia” – it slowly melts, adding to the drink even greater sweetness and softness!