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Delicuos Basket


Classy and rich gift basket made of our most popular teas and coffees. 
Great gift that would impress any tea and coffee lover.
We’ll decorate it according to your wishes !  
Note: design presented on the photo is an example.
Honey 50g
Tin 100g,
Tsar’s tea 50g,

Spring Fragrance 50g,

Roioobos Forest Witch 50g,

Lucky Fortune 50g,

Little Buddha’s secret 50g,

Pineapple Matcha 50g,

Assam Koomsong 50g,

Sencha China 50g,

Shen Zhou blooming tea,

Jin Yuan Bao blooming tea

Coffee Date 50g,

Irish cream 50g,

Coffee Marago Nicaragua 50g,

Colombia Medellin 50g,

Mocha Yemen Matari 50g,

Brazil Rainforest 50g,

Vanilla coffee 50 g,

Espresso Diamond 50 g,

Basket and gift wrapping

Large Gift Basket

Large Gift Basket

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