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Italian Pie Tea

From 5.45

FOR 50g


A blend of white and green teas, candied pineapple, raisins,
ginger, cocoa bits, cardamom, cinnamon, mango, sugar,
almonds, apricot, orange and lemon slices, foamy sugar drops.

Tea with a taste of ginger and spices. Warms up body and soul!

Steeping tips

For one portion use 1 teaspoon. Cover with water 75-80
degrees, wait for 1-3 min




Italian pie

A blend based on green and white tea with the addition of candied pineapple, papaya, mango, cinnamon sticks, coriander, cardamom, ginger, almonds, clover, orange peel and lemon peel, as well as cocoa chips, golden raisins and meringues.

Taken for the basis of light varieties of tea will serve as a soft canvas, on which spices and tropical fruits will create magnificent patterns of taste.

Special piquancy of tea “Italian pie” is attached to small non-cake cakes. When brewing, they begin to melt, leaving behind a gentle creamy aftertaste.

The abundance of spices in this blend speaks of its high warming, calming and appetizing effect. Wrapped in chilly weather, the “Italian Pie” tea will serve as a perfect complement to real pies and will create a cozy warm atmosphere at the table.