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Espresso Diamond

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A blend of Arabica: Costa Rica Java Jump, Cuba, Yemen Mocha and Vietnamese Robusta.

Perfect afternoon coffee with a hint of tobacco.

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All the coffee is fully inspected and certified by the Coffee Industry Board

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Espresso Diamond

“Espresso Diamond” is a blend of Vietnamese robusta and arabica from Costa Rica, Java, Cuba and Yemen.

Coffee “Espresso Diamond” has a rich taste with pronounced bitterness and a light smoky note, as well as a long, slightly sweet aftertaste.

The bright taste of this coffee is excellent for latte and cappuccino because one of the secrets of successful preparation of these drinks is the choice of strong, rich coffee, the taste of which will not hide behind the density of milk.

Prepare coffee and milk drinks can be as in an espresso machine, and just a bay for 2-4 minutes finely ground grains of hot water (10 g coffee per 200 ml of water). The shock combination of caffeine, in abundance in Espresso Diamond, and the special amino acid contained in milk and helping to improve the emotional state, will give a wonderful refreshing effect and help to concentrate on what is necessary.