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Irish Cream Decaf

FOR 50g

100% Arabica, oil flavouring.

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Irish Cream Decaf

 Coffee “Irish cream Decaf” – a favourite taste in the afternoon and evening!

 Coffee with a recognizable taste of whiskey and cream has become incomparable popularity. Favourite taste is presented in a new version of “Decaf” – decaffeinated coffee. Now you can enjoy a fragrant drink in the afternoon and in the evening.

 To create coffee Decaf arabica grains pass a delicate process of removing caffeine, while almost completely preserving the bouquet and quality of coffee beans. This method is safe because the method is based on the treatment of beans with compressed carbon dioxide, which is absolutely harmless and is part of the atmospheric air.

 For its sweetness and softness, the variety “Irish cream Decaf” will appeal to coffee lovers of any age. Coffee will be a pleasant discovery for the whole family, especially if you add hot chocolate to it. The chocolate-coffee cocktail has a sweeter aroma and mild flavour, and also raises the mood because it combines two natural antidepressants.

 Prepare coffee “Irish cream Decaf” and extend the pleasure of your favourite coffee melody!


Briki( polish brewing), Espresso (mokka pot), Filter coffee, French press, Pure beans