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Colombia Saint Augustine

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Volcanic soils, optimal climatic conditions, and the traditional cultivation methods result in one of the regions greatest treasures.

Perfect balanced cup, full body rounded out with caramel sweetness and rich strong aroma.

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Colombia Saint Augustine

Grows near the city of San Augustine at an altitude of 1600-1900 m above sea level, near the volcano Nevado del Uyla.

This land is full of bright butterflies and huge flowers, giving a unique flavor to local coffee plantations.According to old traditions, farmers grow coffee at high altitudes in the natural shadow of rubber and banana trees, where rich volcanic soil provides ideal conditions for growing high-quality coffee.

Already cooked, coffee “Columbia San Augustine” has a mild taste with hints of ripe pears, hazelnuts, and milk chocolate. The aftertaste of the elusive sweetness will remain with you for a few pleasant minutes.

Composition : 100% Arabica.


Briki( polish brewing), Espresso (mokka pot), Filter coffee, French press, Pure beans