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Blue Star

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A mix of Arabica 85% and Robusta 15% beans. Strong and invigorating with a spicy aftertaste and dense foam.

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All the coffee is fully inspected and certified by the Coffee Industry Board

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Blue Star

“Blue Star” is a blend of 15 percent of Guatemalan robusta and 85 percent of Arabica from Indonesia.

This strong and invigorating coffee with a beautiful thick foam has a bright aftertaste with shades of dark sugar and spices, without the slightest hint of sourness.

Due to its rich taste, Blue Star is perfectly combined with spices.

For example, to make “Blue Star” coffee with pepper, you need 10 grams of ground coffee, 20 ml of water, a pinch of black pepper and sugar cane.

First, the coffeepot(briki) is heated, then ground coffee is poured onto its bottom, pepper and sugar are added. The resulting mixture is heated on fire for 10-15 seconds. Then water is added, and the coffee is boiled on low heat until the formation of foam. As soon as the foam cap starts to rise, the coffee is removed from the heat and poured into the cup.

Coffee with pepper is the perfect duet for the cold season, which suits those who are keen and those who are not afraid to experiment and are looking for something inspiring. In addition, pepper stimulates digestion, improves metabolic processes, strengthens immunity and invigorates.