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Black Samurai

FOR 50g


Black tea, gynostemma, cornflower blossoms.

Helps to normalize blood pressure. A sweet taste of mango
gives strength and good spirits of samurai.

Steeping tips

For one portion use 1 teaspoon. Cover with water 90-95
degrees, wait for 3-5 min


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Black Samurai

“Black Samurai” is a good and pleasant delicate range of taste in every cup of tea. It is a blend of black tea with the addition of balls from the gynostemma and the cornflower petals.

Gynostemma is a mysterious additive for us, but in China, it has been used since ancient times as a medicine. Due to its properties, this additive was called “Southern Ginseng”. Ginostemma refers to a plant of the pumpkin family, and in tea, it is contained in the form of green balls that dissolve during brewing.

The second additive is a plant known to all, cornflower. In this blend, you can see many small blue petals. Cornflower not only decorates the tea leaves in dry form, but also shares with us its benefits, having an anti-inflammatory effect and contributing to the removal of excess moisture from the body.

Gynostemma also affects the properties of tea. This Chinese plant normalizes blood pressure, increases immunity, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, improves blood circulation, and also contains antioxidants – substances that help slow the aging of cells. The gynosystem for its useful properties is called the “grass of immortality”.

To get a gentle taste of the drink and the benefit of each additive, you must properly brew the tea. The water temperature should be 85-95 ° C, it needs 3-5 minutes to insist.

Floral sweet aroma creates a melody of taste, which is well complemented by handmade truffles “Mangosteen” with a filling of mango and passion fruit.