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Coffee “Amaretto” – a bright declaration of love in Italian.

 This variety will please everyone with their sophistication and versatility. The bright aroma of “Amaretto” will emphasize the rich taste of coffee. In the bouquet of a drink everyone can feel the combination of pleasant bitter almonds, apricot corn, spices and sweet vanilla.

 The liquor “Amaretto” was created by a beautiful Italian woman as a sign of sincere love for the artist Bernardino Luini. The variety “Amaretto” still keeps this love story in it, and a cup of freshly brewed coffee will become an unusual acknowledgement of sincere feelings.

Prepare this variety can be in traditional dishes: a Turkish or Italian-spread geyser coffee maker. The coffee maker will not only allow you to quickly make coffee in the morning, but also enjoy a drink in the best traditions of southern Europe.

 Coffee “Amaretto” especially will taste to fans of modern coffee drinks, for example, ice-cappuccinos. To make a similar drink at home, you need to sweeten the finished coffee with sugar, then cool and add milk and crushed ice. The coffee drink will cool on a hot day, fill with energy, and piquant taste will transfer to distant sunny Italy.