Natural Green Tea VS Coffee

Natural Green Tea VS Coffee

What do millions of people that lift weights and do aerobics have in common? The answer to that question is coffee and tea. They drink a cup or two before getting started with their routines. At my gym, everyone drinks coffee – they tell me that I should do the same saying it’ll help me maintain energy levels and burn fat off faster. After having done some research, I found out everything they said was correct, but I also found natural green tea to be the better alternative.

The caffeine in coffee is what gives you that boost you need for a workout by stimulating your metabolic rate. It also speeds up the conversion of fat into energy, therefore making you more efficient when pumping iron or participating in aerobics sessions. However, the beverage also comes packed with sugar and cream or milk. Too much quantities of the former undoubtedly aren’t good for you, while too much of the latter contains fat that adds to that waistline.

On the other hand, natural green tea does come with caffeine, though not as much. This is actually a good thing, since excessive caffeine intake has negative impacts on the central nervous system. Doing so will leave you feeling jittery or have trouble with sleeping at night.

The amounts of caffeine found in tea are the exact amount needed to reap maximum benefit from the drug. That means there’s no need for you to drink much for you to get your buzz. Moreover, the drug works hand in hand with phytochemical antioxidants found in tea known as catechins. This “dynamic duo” works well together in the fight against fat by elevating thermogenesis (body heat production).

Furthermore, natural green tea is considered to possess zero calories without any additives such as milk and sugar. So every time you drink a cup of this beverage, you can rest assured that you’re not putting anymore junk inside. On the other hand coffee comes with a crap load’s worth of additives that doesn’t help you with trimming your figure.

Based on the information shared above, it’s safe to say that natural green tea is the better drink to stick with. It has got more benefits than coffee, and doesn’t come with any side effects. Not only that, but tea has been proven to be beneficial for your body in a number of ways where coffee would fall short. People that drink tea regularly enjoy more advantages; such as being less prone to heart diseases, diabetes, fatigue and other disorders.

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