Ingredients You Have To Try For A Great Masala Tea Recipe

Ingredients You Have To Try For A Great Masala Tea Recipe

“If it tastes good, spit it out!” – This saying has been passed around for generation after generation. In some sense, it became a “golden rule” for people having achieved their hard-earned figures by strictly sticking to health diet plans and workout routines. But seriously, do you actually want to be eating food and drinking beverages that don’t taste good for the rest of your lives?

If you were to ask me, I’d rather die fat eating the good stuff then put up with the crap for eternity. Or better yet, have the best of both worlds. Food and drink don’t have to be boring to be considered healthy – there’s a whole bunch of ways to add flavor to healthy chow and beverages. In terms of the drink, a good masala tea recipe is one of many ways to help you burn unwanted fat and actually enjoy while you’re at it.

Like any other regular tea, masala tea helps its user burn calories, prevent fat from being stored by destroying the fat cells that house them, and speed up your metabolic rate to convert fat into energy which can be used for a better workout. The difference here is we add herbs and spices to the blend, making the brew tastier.

With that said, what are the ingredients that’d make a great masala tea recipe? Well one that adds a little twist and additional health benefits would be ajwain. It not only makes the concoction taste better, but it also is said to aid with digestion.

Another component that you may like is coriander – it’s pungent but sweet, and is usually roasted and grounded to make the mixture more flavorful. Also, cinnamon coming in stick or chunk form has also been shown to be good for a tasty masala tea recipe; remember to crush it before using of course.

Moreover, licorice root can also come in handy, but be sure to use the one coming in tea bag form. The zest of it is so strong that it tends to mask the flavor of the other ingredients used in the formula, so always keep in mind to avoid putting too much in this beverage.

One of the best ingredients you can place in any masala tea recipe is vanilla, which makes the blend taste and even smell better. It’s preferred that you use actual vanilla seed over the “extracted version”, but if you’d rather use an extract, be sure to use pure extract. Otherwise, there’s a good chance of the not-so-pleasant aftertaste of synthetic extracts ruining your cup of tea.

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