Effective And Rare Weight Loss Tea

Effective And Rare Weight Loss Tea

There are lots of weight loss programs and products out there, but one in particular that stands out is tea. Coming packed with nutrients and properties that help you drop unwanted pounds plus other benefits is what made these so popular amongst the “fat crowd”. One tea in particular that has been proven an effective tool for reducing weight is Hoodia tea.

You may or may not be familiar with it, but if you aren’t, here’s what you need to know about this beverage: its complete name is Hoodia Gordonii, which is a plant from South Africa.

An interesting fact about this particular plant is its repulsive smell that’s similar to rotting meat. The disgusting odor is what it uses to multiply by attracting squadrons of flies to carry out pollination.

The South Africans were the first to discover its effectiveness with controlling weight. They used to prepare this as tea for its remarkable ability of appetite suppression. Whenever they had to go on ridiculously long journeys from point A to point B, they’d drink the tea, so they’d be able to control the food supply better.

Today, modern science was able to determine what made Hoodia tea effective – P57. This chemical compound is what’s believed to give the beverage its “weight loss powers”. Despite the fact that a more thorough study has yet to be conducted on its true effectiveness, people taking this made the same claim of not wanting to eat much.

Unfortunately, finding authentic Hoodia tea is extremely difficult. The plant can take up to 7 years to grow, and South Africa appears to be the only source of the miracle plant. With the demand going up and the supply going low, fake versions of the product have sprouted everywhere. Plenty of websites have been put up as well, but most of which don’t provide proof that their product is the real deal.

With that said, to ensure that you get actual Hoodia tea, see to it that they have a certificate issued by the government of South Africa stating they’ve been authorize to sell the merchandise. But then again, certificates like these are easy to fake, especially if it’s shown online.
However, if you really want it, there are still a select few companies that do have original supply. Its best you make the purchase from a company with good reputation, and not some unknown group you found through Google.

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