Coffee Cantata

Coffee Cantata

Coffee Cantata a worldwide chain of tea  and coffee boutiques.

Our guests can not only purchase exquisite varieties of tea and coffee but also get qualified advice from our friendly consultants. We know that our guests care for their health and are very exacting about products quality. That’s why we are very attentive to the choice of suppliers. We offer the best green and black tea, fresh coffee beans, organic herbals and fruits mixes to you.

Endless varieties

More than 110 tea positions and more than 80 varieties of coffee from different corners of the world. When our guests get to our boutique at the first time, they start their own circumnavigation voyage. There is much more than just tea leaves or coffee beans we offer openings, new tastes and unexplored flavors.


Sharing knowledge

We know the difference between the first and the third leaf on a tea bush. We explore varaites of coffee beans tastes and how to breed them for best brewing.
The particularity of our Cyprus boutique is that our guests can try any tea, coffee or herbal&fruit mix before buying. If you don’t know how roiboss blueberry tastes or you doubt what to prefer milky oolong or matte -just ask for tea tasting. Our consultants will be happy to help you find your ideal healthy drink.

We try not to miss a smallest detail because only with all these knowledge we can give a professional advice and help in making a choice.

Pretty things

Not only fresh coffee beans and tea leafs can be found in our boutique!

We can also offer really spectacular and unique presents for any occasion. Christening gifts, romantic tea bouquets, gourmet gift baskets and many others. Our consultants will suggest different gifts ideas for any budget. We collaborate with unusual confectioners and order special and healthy sweets so our guests can be sure that their gifts will be unforgettable.


P.S. “Coffee Cantata” is the name of a famous musical composition written by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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