A Tasty Chai Tea Recipe For Weight Loss

A Tasty Chai Tea Recipe For Weight Loss

One of the biggest reasons behind the failure of a weight loss diet is tied to not sticking with it. And the reason why they don’t stick to what’s on the menu is simply because it tastes disgusting. There aren’t that too many people that can put up with eating food that tastes like dirt and hardly anybody that’d drink something tasting like cat piss.

So if you’re sick of all that crap, and want to bring a little flavor to your weight loss routine, then maybe it’s about time you considered a nice chai tea recipe. Tea comes with a horde of benefits for its drinker, like stimulating the metabolic rate and burning calories. Unfortunately, there are some picky individuals that just don’t like the taste.

And this is where a chai tea recipe steps in – what makes this unique and effective is the herbs and spices that it comes with. Because of the wide variety of the recipes for you to choose from, I’ll only be discussing one concoction in particular. But don’t worry; if I like it, then it’s most likely that you’ll feel the same way.

So to start, here’s what you’re going to need: 2 black tea spoon, a cup of water, a cup of 2% milk, a table spoon of honey, a 1.5 inch slice of ginger, ¼ teaspoon of grounded nutmeg and cardamom, plus 1/8th teaspoon of cinnamon and all spice..

The first step is to get the water boiling in a pot. Once it starts boiling, lower the heat and toss in the 2 tea spoon. You then allow these tea to simmer for about 2 minutes, and then you take it out. Next, you toss in the rest of the ingredients and have them simmer for approximately 5 minutes to ensure the entire flavor is extracted.

Final step, get a strainer and filter – this chai tea recipe is good for 2 cups. You can choose to double the amount of ingredients if you’d like to make 4 cups, and so on so forth. So there you have it, a delicious beverage concocted from all these herbs and spices, guaranteed to taste wonderful.

There are a whole lot of other elements for you to include in a chai tea recipe to add more flavor. Some people actually like to add vanilla or chocolate to their brew, but that’d depend on you, coz it doing so wouldn’t help much with losing excess pounds.

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