8 Green Tea Facts That’ll Blow Your

8 Green Tea Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

Green tea has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the best beverages on the face of the planet. What made this drink so popular is the long list of health benefits under its name, all of which has been backed up by years of research. One of its best assets is the fact that it has zero calories (if you don’t put milk that is) and there’s practically nothing bad in it.

Other than being a great fat buster, here are 8 green tea facts that’ll blow your mind, or at least impress you if you haven’t heard of them yet: first one is it’s an effective blood thinner. If you’re suffering from thrombosis or just need better blood flow, this beverage can help you achieve that.

2nd on our list of amazing green tea facts is: drinking regularly promotes the growth of good bacteria. Not only that, but it actually slows the spread of bad bacteria, and even some strains of E. coli and clostridia.

Drinking tea frequently lessens the likeliness of you developing heart disease, which brings us to the 4th astounding fact. The beverage has been shown to lower the levels of cholesterol in the body, as well as widen the arteries, which in turn allows better blood flow. Moreover, healthy blood flow benefits you through improved distribution of nutrients and oxygen throughout the entire body.

Don’t like brushing your teeth? Shame on you for that, but nevertheless, the 5th fact should sound appealing to you. Green tea actually contains fluoride, making it useful in the fight against tooth decay, as well as maintaining healthy teeth. Drinking around 4 cups of the beverage on a daily basis is recommended to achieve optimum results.

As for number 6 on our list of green tea facts, we have: coffee contains two times the amount of caffeine as compared to tea, which makes the latter easier to drink throughout the day. Too much caffeine intake can cause unwanted side effects, like turn you into something I like to call “jitter bug” (not the dance or phone), or a jittery person.

7th interesting detail is based on a theory explaining why the Japanese live longer. Aside from healthy diet and drinking rice wine, it’s said that green tea has anti-aging properties, thus giving them higher life expectancies.

8th and last of neat green tea facts, we have antioxidants that help prevent or fight arthritis. How it does this is fairly simple; it stops the enzymes responsible for deteriorating bones. Drinking the beverage everyday lessens the odds of you acquiring the disorder. But if you already have it, this drink still can help by alleviate the pain.

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