Fun Facts of Green Tea

5 interesting green tea facts that you probably didn’t know

The versatility of green tea seems to know no limits. There are lots of benefits for drinkers of this beverage to reap, such as it containing the right amounts of caffeine to jumpstart your day, and having high antioxidant content which can be used for detoxifying and destroying free radicals. Other well-known green tea facts include the prevention of the storage of fat, and the ability to burn calories.

I intentionally put emphasis on the word “common” in the last line of the paragraph to point out that the mentioned facts are acknowledged by practically everyone in existence. That’s why I’ve decided to make this article; to show people that these are the only purposes the healthy drink may be used for. There are a lot of green tea facts that are likely to surprise you.

TOP 5 interesting facts

  1. And so without any further delay, here’s the 1st spec of info that you most likely didn’t know: tealeaves can be used as a deodorant in the refrigerator. Yes, it’s been shown to absorb that unwanted stench lingering in your refrigerator, and yeah you can use it for eradicating unpleasant odors in your car. Moreover, they can be used as potpourri for your cabinets, closets and drawers.
  2. 2nd on our list of interesting green tea facts is: it can be used to improve flavor of grilled chow. All you have to do here is sprinkle the dried tealeaves on the charcoal while grilling the food. The vapors get into whatever it is you’re cooking, adding flavor.
  3. As for the 3rd amazing fact, it’s actually a good for your teeth. Research shows us that it contains fluoride; the same thing that’s used in toothpaste. So in some sense, tea without milk and sugar can be used a “tooth supplement”.
  4. If you don’t like your pets being infested with fleas (nobody does), then the 4th detail on our list of mind-bending green tea facts will sound appealing to you: used tealeaves can be sprinkled onto your pet’s (like a cat or dog perhaps) bedding to repel fleas.
  5. 5th and last on the list is its ability to be used a multipurpose cleaner. What you do here is take the leftover brewed tea and use it to clean windows and mirrors. The latter is its “area of specialty”, with people saying how effective it is at getting the cleaning job done. Furthermore, you can also use the leftover brew as foot soak; something that the ladies would definitely appreciate.

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